Undergraduate research on tropical ecosystems: from rainforest to cities

The main goal of this UMEB program is to provide undergraduate students the experience to learn how to conduct scientific research by developing an independent research project. To achieve this goal, the program provides students with an active research environment, guidance from established scientists, and educational activities designed to equip them with tools to conduct scientific research and to succeed in a career as environmental biologist. Students participating in the program will be involved in every stage of scientific research, from project design and data collection to data analysis and presentation. Students will conduct hypothesis driven research, produce publishable projects, and present their work at a national meeting. To help students during the process, the program provides workshops on data analysis, data presentation, and on techniques to study different organisms and ecosystems (e.g., forest, soil, streams). The program will also have an ethical component to expose students to issues likely to be encountered in their careers and to discuss the role of scientists in society. The program is expected to have a positive impact on student's careers. Students will be encouraged to pursue research or academic careers in ecology. For additional information, contact Alonso Ramirez (aramirez@ites.upr.edu; Telephone: 787-764-0000, ext. 7781) or visit the program's web site at http://ites.upr.edu/UMEB/.
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November, 2015
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National Science Foundation
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755 038.00
Period Awarded: 
2006 to 2012
2009 to 2010
Yearly Budget: 
158 249.00
2010 to 2011
2011 to 2012
Alonso Ramírez
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Principal Investigator
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Co-Principal Investigator